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Active Energy Transducer

Active Energy Transducer

This transducer is used for measurement of Active Energy for single phase (STE-A-14T) system as well as for 3-phase, 3-wire (STE-B-14T) system and 3-phase 4-wire (STE-C-14T) systems with balanced and unbalanced load. This is fully solid-state instrument, which can be interfaced directly with Digital Data Acquisition System. The Input Currents are galvanically isolated and suitally scaled down by transformer T1, T2 etc. The Voltage are scaled down by high impedance resistor networks. Depending on the system one or more electronic multipliers M1, M2 etc are used. The multiplying circuit used is the popular time division multiplication method. The implementation of the TDM technique as designed by SITU makes the accuracy of multiplication dependent only on a few precision resistors and a low temperature coefficient reference zener.
The outputs of the multipliers are summed up and fed to a precision voltage to frequency converter F. The frequency converter converts the input voltage to a proportional frequency by using "State-of-the-art" charge feedback technique. The output of the frequency converters in the form of pulses, which is then divided by using digital technique, the division factor depending on the input transformation ratios. The divided pulse rate is then output as a potential free contact.

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  • Available in accuracy class index - 1.0 & 2.0

  • Withstands wide temperature variations.

  • VA burden on CT/PT very low. - < 0.5 VA

  • Low internal consumption.

  • Wide range of Input / Output to meet National / International requirements.

  • Comply to revised IEC 1036 standards.

  • Flexibility in auxiliary power supply requirements - A.C. / D.C.

  • Rugged and vibration resistant.

  • Withstands seismic test as per IEC 344-1974 for Nuclear Power Applications.

  • Available in dust proof sheet plastic enclosures suitable for Back panel / Din rail mounting.

  • Multiple outputs also available - upto 4.

  • High input / Output isolations - 4.0 KV.

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Technical Data

Measuring Range 0-0.8-1.2 Vn x In
Rated Input 110/415V AC, 1/5A AC
Input Frequency 50Hz +/- 10%
Internal Consumption < 0.5 VA for each input
< 4VA for ry voltage
Self Powered
Auxiliary Power Supply 110/240 V AC
12/24/48/110/220V DC
Self Powered
Nominal Output
Potential Free Contact
Pulse Duration 400 - 500m Sec
Overload Capacity
a) Continuous
b) Momentary

1.2 Vn, 2.0 In
2.0 Vn for 1 sec
20 In for 1 sec.
Accuracy Class 1.0 / 2.0
Input - output Isolation 4 KV
Operating Temperature 0 - 50°C
Impulse Voltage Test Confirms to IEC 251- 5KV having waveform of 1.2/50 microseconds.
HF Interference Confirms to IEC 255-4
Configuration 1-Phase

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