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The Voltage transducer STE-A-1T converts a sinusoidal AC Voltage signal into an output signal that can serves several receiving instruments such as indicators, recorders, alarm units etc. The input Voltage is scaled down using a Voltage transformer T. The output of the transformer is rectified and filtered in a precision absolute amplifier A, incorporating integrated circuits. The amplified filtered output is proportional to R.M.S value of the sine wave input. The output is fed to a current converter 'C' to provide a load independent D.C. Current.

Features Characteristics Technical Data Block Diagram

  • Available in accuracy class index - 0.3 0.5, & 1.0
  • Withstands wide temperature variations.
  • VA burden on PT very low. - < 0.5 VA
  • Wide range of Input / Output to meet National / International requirements.
  • Comply to revised IEC 60688 (1997-10) standards.
  • Flexibility in auxiliary power supply requirements - A.C. / D.C.
  • Rugged and vibration resistant.
  • Withstands seismic test as per IEC 344-1974 for Nuclear Power Applications.
  • Available in dust proof sheet plastic enclosures suitable for Back panel / Din rail mounting.
  • Multiple outputs also available - upto 4.
  • High input / Output isolations - 4.0 KV.
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Technical Data

Measuring Range 0-0.8-1.2 Vn x In
Rated Input 110 / 415A
Input Frequency 50Hz +/- 10%
Internal Consumption < 0.5 VA for each input
< 3VA for selfpowered
Auxiliary Power Supply 110/240 V AC
12/24/48/110/220V DC
Self Powered
Nominal Output
0-2.5-5.0 mA DC
0-5mA DC / 4-20mA
10-0-10 mA DC
0-5, 0-10 V. DC.
Load Range (Ohms)
a) Current Output
b) Voltage Output

Max 15V/Iout
Min 1 Ohms
Residual A.C. Ripple < 1% (P-P)
Overload Capacity
a) Continuous
b) Momentary

1.2 Vn
2.0 Vn for 1 sec.
Accuracy Class 0.3/0.5/1.0
Response Time < 0.5 sec.
Input - output Isolation 4 KV
Operating Temperature 0 - 50°C
Impulse Voltage Test Confirms to IEC 251- 5KV having waveform of 1.2/50 microseconds.
HF Interference Confirms to IEC 255-4
Environment Condition User group II as per IEC 60688
Configuration 1-Phase
Number of output 1, 2, 3

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